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Unimine Daniel (Daniel Bofaosowo Odu) is a prolific and spirit filled music minister whose interest is to always minister under the power of the Holy Spirit. He believes more in spiritual than physical preparations before any ministration. He is a songwriter, a music counselor and a genuine singer, working and residing in Lagos State – Nigeria. A levite, born to the priesthood family of Rev. & Mrs. A. O. Obi in Boki Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria.

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Unimine started his music life at the age of 11 as a children department choir master, at AGC, Etomi – somewhere in Cross River State, under the guidance and monitoring of his parent. His flair for music grew high to having a music group called “ZIONITES” in 2003.

He has an album (REALITY) to his credit in collaboration with “Jeffdavids” as “FLAMING STARS” in 2009. He is a member of Pastors/Ministers Prayer Network – Africa (PMPN-A). And currently, the Assistant Music Director with SAVED2SERVE Band of Favour Family – AG, Lagos.

“Supernatural God” is a proclamation of God’s sovereign grace and mercies. As you toil all day yet kept safe and sound. The piece also gives you a positive mindset of trusting Him (God) for the actualization of your dreams as a SUPERNATURAL GOD.

The Supernatural Controls The Natural

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